Fastbraces® in a nutshell

Fastbraces® in a nutshell

Fastbraces® – one of the fastest ways to straighten your teeth!

What are Fastbraces®?

If your teeth are crooked, misaligned or unattractive in appearance, then the Fastbraces® system could be for you. It is changing the field of orthodontics with its state of the art system that is used to straighten teeth in a safe, fast, easy and affordable way and the great thing is that in most cases, the Fastbraces® system requires no tooth extractions.

Our patients are left with excellent, beautiful and outstanding results once the treatment is complete.

How do Fastbraces® work?

Fastbraces® straightens your teeth just like traditional braces do, although in a faster and shorter period of time. It works quickly and gently by moving your teeth and repositioning them into the correct position. This is done by using a unique triangular shaped bracket which only allows the use of one wire which is square shaped.

The bracket and the wire works together to realign and reposition the tooth correctly. The position of the tooth is corrected from the root of the tooth right from the start of the treatment to the end.

Do Fastbraces® hurt?

When your teeth begin to move and reposition themselves, there could be some discomfort, soreness or tenderness. However, this is common and very minimal compared to the pain associated with traditional braces.

How long does the Fastbraces® orthodontic treatment take?

Before the arrival of modern Fastbraces® technology, traditional orthodontic braces usually took about two to three years to see the results you wanted, but with the Fastbraces® system you no longer have to wait so many years to get the results you have always desired.

Fastbraces® technology allows you to notice results within the first few months of your treatment. Some patients can see results within a few weeks. The complete treatment to straighten your teeth, with optimum results, can take between three months to a year to complete, depending on the severity of your condition.

What are the benefits of the Fastbraces® orthodontic treatment?

  1. The treatment is FAST – treatment time takes weeks instead of years to complete!
  2. It is EASY – it only requires you to wear retainers for only 15 to 20 minutes a day.
  3. It is ORIGINAL and of GOOD QUALITY, and is made in the US using aesthetic ceramic brackets and a tooth coloured wire.
  4. Fastbraces® are affordable.
  5. It is simple to use and most of the time does not need a tooth extraction to be done before treatment can take place.
  6. It can be cleaned and has less tooth decay because you are not wearing it for a long time.

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