Your Mid Year Dental Check-Up

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Your Mid Year Dental Check-Up

Check-ups at the dentist

Making time to see the dentist can seem a little inconvenient to say the least – we get it! But setting aside about an hour twice a year is a step toward great oral health. It’s recommended that people shouldn’t go long stretches of time between visiting the dentist. However, many do, as they struggle to fit an appointment into their busy schedules. Sure, life gets busy, and with the ever-growing to-do list, visiting the dentist may be one of your lower priorities. However, there are a few good reasons why you should bump up your mid-year dental check-up a little higher on your priority list and make time for the appointment.

Benefits of seeing the dentist

Visiting the dentist is a very important step when it comes to managing your oral health as your dentist will be able to identify and address any areas of concern that he/she finds during your dental visit. Though many people argue that with excellent oral hygiene, visiting the dentist twice a year is unnecessary, we beg to differ. The average person cannot spot tooth decay, however, the dentist can! And while you may be under the impression that your oral hygiene routine is on point and that your teeth are in good shape, your dentist will be able to spot any issues that aren’t immediately obvious on the surface. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

A bi-annual dental check-up is the safest interval between check-ups to ensure that your oral health remains in check and address any issues before the problem worsens. With a bi-annual dental check-up, you are able to nip any dental issues in the bud. These are some of the main benefits that come with regular dental visits.

Early intervention

Tooth decay has a nasty habit of steadily progressing over time. It is arguably far easier (and cost-effective) to address the early stages of tooth decay with a simple filling versus later stages of decay with a root canal and possible tooth extraction. Apart from dental decay, other issues that your dentist will be able to detect early include gum disease and oral cancer.

Improve your overall wellbeing

Your oral health is closely linked to your overall health. This means that by keeping your oral health in check, you are taking the right steps towards improving your general health, and thus your overall wellbeing.

Better digestion

This is a little-known fact, but good oral health can actually improve your digestion! When you are able to chew your food properly, the food will be broken down thus making it easy for the food to be digested. Dental issues can hinder your ability to sufficiently chew your food leading to issues with digestion.

With benefits such as these, it is clear to see that carving out a little time twice a year to visit your dentist is most certainly worth it!

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