Enhance your smile with Componeers

What is a Componeer?

A Componeer is a new type of direct composite veneer created by Switzerland-based dental product manufacturer Coletene.

Like a fake fingernail on your finger, Componeer is considered as an excellent alternative to traditional veneers. Being constructed from a highly filled nano-hybrid composite veneer enamel shell, Componeer is a great option for patients wanting to improve any imperfections to their teeth.  Being super thin, it allows us to conserve as much of the natural tooth as possible.

Although Componeers are super thin, the composite materials to manufacture them still gives the same benefits as lab made veneer.  Being easy to apply, and pre-shaped, patients will achieve their enhanced smile in a single session. During the session, the dentist will go over options as well as colours and sizes to help suit your new smile.

To apply the Componeers, the dentist will remove only a small amount of tooth (0.3mm). Once this has been completed, the same enamel used to create the composite veneer will be applied and bonded to the damage area of the tooth. The dentist will then review your fixed smile before the final polishing.

What can Componeers help to correct?

Like traditional porcelain veneers, Componeers can help to fix several dental problems including:

  • Large gaps between teeth
  • Whitening of teeth that have turned yellow after a few years.
  • Repair teeth that have either been chipped or broken.
  • Tooth alignment
  • Abrasion of anterior teeth.
  • Old fillings

However, not all dental problems can be fixed using Componeers. If unsure, the team at Main Street Dental will examine your teeth to determine whether using Componeers will solve your dental problems

Benefits of Componeers

  • Quicker time of treatment – Unlike traditional veneers, Componeers do not require multiple appointments. There is also no need for impressions to be taken which can save a large amount of time.
  • Easier to repair – If the tooth is chipped or broken, more composite material will be carefully added without having to replace the whole tooth.
  • Pre-Shaped – Available in a range of sizes. No need for time consuming forming and trimming.
  • Durable – As the result of the dense and durable surface on the Componeers, they tend to last longer and remain more stain resistant compared to a traditional veneer option.
  • Naturally Designed – The shiny surface will add a look of vitality to the restoration.
  • Cost effective – The cost of Componeer can be half the total cost of traditional veneers.
  • Lasting Bond – The micro-retentive surface increases the overall wettability as well as ensuring a long-lasting bond to the tooth.

Before and Afters




Before applying the composite veneers, a minimal amount of tooth is shaved off. The nanohybrid composite materials used in the production are applied and then the Componeer is bonded to the damaged tooth.

Unlike porcelain veneers where the patient requires multiple visits for the procedure to be completed, the composite veneers can be applied same day. This makes it a more cost-effective option for patients requiring some repair to their teeth.

One of the benefits with Componeer composite veneers is that if there is a chip or breakage on the tooth, a small amount of composite material will be applied without the need to replace the whole tooth.

Componeers Composite Veneers Offered at Main Street Dental in Bacchus Marsh

Are you looking to enhance your smile or repair those damaged parts of the teeth? Come in for a consultation with our team to see if Componeers can be used as a solution to your dental problems.

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