With a wide range of dental treatments, it’s simple to keep your child’s oral health perfect from the very beginning.

At Main Street Dental Children’s oral health is very important to us!

When should I take my child to the dentist?

As a parent, it is important to ensure your child’s dental visits are regular and their oral health and hygiene is well maintained. A child’s first dental visit and check-up should be soon after they begin developing their first tooth, which could be around the ages of four to twelve months.

Why should my child go to the dentist?

After the child’s first visit to the dentist, it is vital that the child attends regular dental check-ups at least every three to six months for close monitoring of the mouth, gums and growth of their teeth.

This will help the dentist identify any problems associated with the child’s oral health and treat it at an early stage before it can become worse.

The dentist will also discuss what diet is best for the child, and a cleaning routine for the child to follow in order to maintain good oral health and hygiene for now and the future. This will help strengthen and protect the teeth and prevent it from decaying.

How can I keep my child’s teeth clean at home?

  • Have them brush their teeth twice a day.
  • Do not allow them to have too much of foods that contain sugar.
  • Cut down on fruit juices, instead, give them milk and water to help strengthen their teeth.
  • Make sure they brush their teeth just before bed time and no eating afterwards.
  • Have them floss after meals when the full set of teeth has developed.

Visit the dentist every six months.

Children’s Dentistry in Bacchus Marsh

At Main Street Dental, we are here to ensure your child has a happy healthy smile for life. Contact our team of professionals today to book your child’s consultation.

Child Denetal Benefits Schedule

Who is eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

Child Dental Benefits Schedule will be available to children between the ages of 2 and 17 years of age. They must be eligible for Medicare and the family must be in receipt of Tax Benefit Part A or receive a relevant Government payment.

How will I know if we’re eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

Eligible families will receive written notification from the Australian Government from early 2014. The notification is not a voucher for service. Your dentist will check eligibility before commencement of any treatment.

How long does eligibility last?

Patients will be eligible for the scheme throughout the entire calendar year.

Will my Dentist be able to check if my children have benefits remaining?

Yes, Dentists will be able to check patients remaining benefits balance by contacting Department of Human Services. Dentists will be encouraged to check each patient’s balance at each appointment.

What happens if my child doesn’t use the $1000 within two years?

If the full $1000 is not used within the two calendar year period, remaining benefits cannot be used in the future.

What happens if my child reaches the $1000 benefit limit?

After a patient reaches their $1000 benefit limit, no further benefits under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule will be available within the 2 calendar year period of time.

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