In an emergency, please contact us during clinic hours or after hours at your hospital emergency department.

What is a dental emergency?

  • Toothaches, tooth loss, swelling or a cracked tooth
  • Injury to the soft tissue of your mouth, for example, your lips or gums.
  • Any dental pain associated with the mouth that does not go away even after taking pain medication.

Knocked out teeth

With the busy lifestyle that we lead today and sporting activities, tooth avulsion is a problem. More and more sports are making mouthguards a priority which is decreasing the incidence of accidents. However, leisure activities such as skateboarding and roller blading are adding to the problem. Often, people with prominent teeth have a higher incidence of tooth damage occurring in the event of an accident. Acting quickly when a tooth is lost can save the tooth.

Follow up visits will need to be made to determine the treatment plan for the tooth. In many cases root canal therapy will have to be performed.


Toothaches are normally worse at night as everything becomes quiet and all you have to concentrate on is that pain. As you lie down and try to go to sleep the blood rushes to your head and stimulates the pain receptors in the area causing more pain.

There are many types of remedies that people try to use to relieve the pain such as hot packs, cold packs, tooth drops, salt water, mouth washes etc.

Painkillers can also be useful. You will have to read the directions and warnings on the packets to see which painkiller is suitable for you, or speak to a pharmacist.

Sensitive teeth:

One in three adults suffer from sensitive teeth. When sensitivity affects your teeth, eating experiences that are normally pleasurable can be very painful. Food and drinks that are usually enjoyable – such as hot coffee, steaming home-made soup, ice-cold lemonade, or fresh strawberry ice-cream can stimulate a sharp, sudden pain that shoots deep into the nerve endings of your teeth.

If you’ve experienced sensitivity, you know the sensation all too well. What you may not know is that this condition can be prevented or eliminated. By learning about sensitivity, you can make an informed decision about preventive hygiene and appropriate treatments that will allow you to be one step closer to enjoying hot or cold foods and drinks – free of worry.

Emergency Dentistry | Bacchus Marsh

If you are experiencing any of the mentioned emergency situations, we recommend that you attend to it immediately. Book an appointment at Main Street Dental as soon as possible before the problem becomes worse.

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