Myobrace® is a preventive pre-orthodontic system for children. It has the ability to manage and correct crooked teeth without the need for braces or tooth extraction. We recommend starting treatment on children aged 3 to 15 years old. They will be required to wear a removable intra-oral appliance for roughly 1-2 hours. Myobrace® can straighten teeth the natural way.

At Main Street Dental, we are proudly offering Myo Munchee® to all patients aged anywhere from 18 months to 13 years. The Myo Munchee® is an orthodontic device used to correct crooked bites, thumb, finger or hair sucking, speech problems, gum problems and even ear infections. The oral device has been designed to assist in strengthening your child’s lip and facial muscles, improving the overall health of their teeth and gums.

Conventional early intervention orthodontics is designed to reduce the severity of children developing orthodontic issues further down the track. We aim at correcting cross bites, this is where the top teeth are inside the bottom teeth. We also endeavour to correct narrow top jaws, smaller lower jaws or preserve space so that second teeth can erupt correctly in a good position.

At Main Street Dental we use Conventional orthodontics to successfully correct malocclusion (bad bite), overcrowded teeth or jaw disorders. Typically, we use standard metal and wire braces to correct these problems. The reason for repositioning teeth with meal braces is to help move protruding, overcrowded or crooked teeth. Conventional orthodontics (traditional braces) are still identified as the most effective treatment option for straightening teeth.

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